Allergy to the Sun — Symptoms and Treatment

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Many of my friends cannot stand the summer heat, and I just love the heat. I like to walk the streets in a light sundress and feel like a warm gentle breeze touches my skin as the sun’s rays caress my shoulders and ankles. In the summer I live summer — my element because I thermophilic creation. But many people who love the summer and since I do not have these pleasures because they have an intolerance to sunlight, allergies. You asked in surprise: «But can be the allergy to the sun?» I answer, «It turns out you can!» Today I decided to carve out a moment of free time and write about the symptoms of allergy and sun care. Oh, and the window is such a good weather! In what only I can do to sacrifice for the sake of your blog.  But I love to write and so went.

Symptoms of an allergy to the sun

Due to the high sensitivity of the skin to sunlight may occur skin inflammation, which in medicine is called photodermatosis. It is triggered by ultraviolet rays in the range of 320-400 nm. How does allergic to the sun? The most common symptom is a polymorphic light eruption, occurring in the spring, a progressive increasing of sunny days and passing the end of the summer. Very often it is suffering face, neck, décolleté and other exposed areas of the body.

Allergy to the Sun - Symptoms and Treatment

When photodermatosis special attention should be paid to the prevention of exacerbations

People sensitive to sunlight allergy symptoms first appear in the sun for several hours after the departure from the street. The skin begins to itch, rash covered with small, red and scaly. The rash can evolve from small to large bubbles. It is not excluded even the development of edema of the skin and mucous membranes. Unbearable itching and burning around the body is a strong desire to scratch. Combine in some cases, there is festering rash.

Everything is repeated every time the light exposure. Science does not know what mechanisms underlie these reactions, but scientists have long to conclude that all the signs are the result of the antigen produced under the influence of radiation.

Treatment of allergy to the sun

When the first symptoms of allergies to the sun, it is desirable to consult a dermatologist who will prescribes the appropriate therapy. Usually, the rash after treatment disappears quickly. The physician can attribute antihistamines inside, glucocorticoid ointment for external use.

What else to do if you are allergic to the sun?

When photodermatosis special attention should be paid to the prevention of exacerbations. To do this:

  • evade stay in direct sunlight;
  • before going to the beach does not apply perfume or cosmetics;
  • wear clothing that protects from the sun;
  • apply creams with special sunscreen;
  • do not stay in the sun between 9-17 hours (solar radiation at this time is very powerful).

I have not had to deal with an allergy to the sun and even more so to treat it, and what you want, my dear readers. Take care of yourself and remember that those I loved the sun’s rays can be very treacherous. Enjoy your summer days!

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