Alcohol poisoning the body: symptoms and treatment

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Alcohol poisoning the body, symptoms, treatment is now difficult to find a person who does not take alcoholic beverages. In addition, each has information about the dangers and toxic properties of such products. But such knowledge is often vague and do not reflect the whole picture of what is happening to the body. If we talk about alcohol poisoning, the very consumption of alcoholic beverages in any amount — it is poisoning. But we speak only of the poisoning with an overdose of alcohol or when receiving enough quality product. Let’s talk about the fact that an organism alcohol poisoning is a little more detail, look at the symptoms and treatment of this condition.


Alcohol haram muslim

What has been the alcohol poisoning of the body, the symptoms of which it indicates?

In the event that the amount of alcohol in the blood is less than half per thousand, experts say about the initial stages of alcohol intoxication, fraught with palpable painful withdrawal symptoms.

If this volume reaches two or three per thousand, comes the turn of the second, the middle stage of severity of alcohol intoxication. If the amount of alcohol in the blood exceeds the three per mille — this is the third stage of the strongest alcohol poisoning. Its consequences are very sad and can lead to the development of alcohol anesthesia or even alcoholic coma.

Of course, independently determine the amount of per mile of alcohol is impossible. Therefore, it is necessary to focus on outward signs.

Alcohol poisoning the body: symptoms and treatment

Alcohol — haram

When the first and second stages of alcohol intoxication in humans usually develop a severe headache. It is also concerned about the feeling of dizziness, nausea, and vomiting. Besides pathological processes cause severe thirst, usually in the morning after the consumption of alcoholic beverages.

These symptoms indicate poisoning, which, though harmful to the body, but the harm in principle better. However, the second step can proceed in an alcoholic or anesthesia in a third step, which is characterized by several distinguishing features.

In this case, the person loses the ability to control your body. He was not able to walk or even sit. When viewed noticeable that the pupils of his eyes narrowed markedly. The skin becomes cool the victim and a little sticky. Also, there is the loss of coherent speech.

It should be emphasized that the advent of the third stage may lead to alcoholic coma and subsequent death. In the first two stages of the poisoning is quite possible to cope on their own.

Alcohol poisoning substitutes

Different fluids containing alcohol, used in the home or industry, can be drunken alcoholics and cause poisoning. This violation makes itself felt nausea, vomiting, and severe dizziness. Also concerned about the patient’s severe headaches and pain in the abdomen.

Consumption of methyl alcohol can lead to redness and dryness of the skin, the affected are concerned the reduction of the calf muscles, and double vision. Complications such poisoning can cause vision loss, coma, and even death.

About how adjusted poisoning of the body (treatment with medicines and first aid)

In the initial stages of alcohol poisoning is to take measures to clean the body of toxins, as well as the general state of optimization — the removal of fetal alcohol syndrome.

If you are faced with a case of severe alcohol poisoning, without medical care can not do. In some cases, doctors only help the victim survive.

First aid for severe alcohol poisoning

If a person has developed a severe alcohol poisoning, it is necessary to give him first aid. The first step is to take action to clean up the stomach from the remnants of alcohol — this will help prevent the development of further intoxication. So you can prepare the patient cold soda solution or a weak solution of potassium permanganate. He has to drink a liquid, and then it is necessary to cause vomiting. After the release of the stomach is affected to twenty tablets of activated charcoal.

If you feel particularly bad drunk man, and he is not able to control their actions, it is better not to wash out the stomach. In this case, you should just call an ambulance.



Before the arrival of doctors wrap the victim in a warm blanket and make sure that its language is not sunk into the throat.

How to eliminate alcohol poisoning doctors?

Treatment of alcohol intoxication can be carried out using the method of rapid sobering. In this case, the patient lead intramuscular vitamin B6, and after a while he gets to drink a mixture of feniamina, and nicotinic acid, dissolved in one hundred milliliters of lukewarm water.

As additional measures used vitamins, ascorbic acid, and a solution is sodium chloride.

In severe alcohol intoxication, doctors can also apply different solutions of electrolytes and sugar solutions for detoxification and Plasma substitute’s solutions.

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