Aggression is dangerous for the brain – scientists

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Fighters have to maintain the reputation of the aggression new fights.

Aggression behavior contributes to the formation of new nerve cells in the brain. This was reported by researchers from the Institute of Cytology and Genetics, RAS, MIPT, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory and the Medical School of the University of New York at Stony Brook.

These conclusions are made after studied the changes in the brains of mice that attacked and defeated their counterparts in fights.

What is special aggression in our life?

The study found that such animals after winning became more aggressive, and their hippocampus — one of the key structures of the brain — there were new neurons.

Aggression is dangerous for the brain – scientists

It turns out that the brain is accustomed to fights rodents begins to work differently, and to continue the fight and the influence on the activity of the existing cells.

In conclusion, the scientists say that the new neurons are one of the key growth mechanisms of aggression and, perhaps, and anxiety. However, in the latter, researchers still are not sure yet.

So far, only one can assume that pugnacious animals have to maintain the reputation of the aggressors new fights that does not contribute to reducing the level of anxiety.

«Previously, it was shown that normally just increased anxiety accompanied by a decrease in neurogenesis but, in this case, the opposite — males in which the hippocampus was more new neurons rather avoid leaving the lighted areas» — said, scientists.

According to them, it is possible that the researchers are faced with some new phenomenon.

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