Acute lower back pain: causes, prevention, and first aid

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Acute lower back pain or a backache — the second most common (after ARI) cause of disability in most civilized countries. It suffered as the elderly and young people. The most vulnerable section of the acute lower back pain.

Acute lower back pain can be caused by various reasons. It can provoke problems with the muscles or ligaments: tension, spasms, excessive over-voltage after you lifted something heavy, badly turned for a long time were in an uncomfortable, forced to pose.

Another common cause — spinal problems: acute lower back pain, herniated disc, facet arthrosis. Changing the natural «geometry» of the spine can lead to the terminal of the nerve roots and the emergence of severe pain.

First aid of acute lower back pain

What to do if you are caught up with a sharp acute lower back pain?

First of all — to go to bed, to a hard or semi-hard mattress on his back. This situation provides the peace of the back muscles and intervertebral discs, allowing the muscles relax, spasm decreases slightly and the pain subsides.

Spread the affected area with anesthetic ointment or warming effect.

Acute lower back pain: causes, prevention, and first aid

If the acute lower back pain has not diminished after that, take a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug. Such tools provide a quick anesthetic effect. However, remember to take them in large quantities can not — they have many side effects. Before going to the doctor to use such drugs can only be as necessary when the pain becomes hard to bear.

It can also relieve acute lower back pain muscle relaxants — means relaxing the muscles. But their use is possible only under medical supervision.

To the doctor!

Most often, back pain fizzles 10-14 days. But even if you already feel good, you need to see a doctor and find out the cause of its occurrence. A guile backache that if the calling its factor is not eliminated, it is returned. According to statistics, in the year after the first attack in 50% of patients the second case, and many of the pain becomes chronic.

Acute lower back pain: causes, prevention, and first aid

In addition, acute lower back pain or degenerative disc disease on the background of muscle spasm — although unpleasant, but not the most dangerous option. The back can be ill because of vertebral fractures, tumors, inflammatory lesions of intervertebral discs due to kidney damage. Therefore, consultation with a specialist is needed.


For a long time, doctors in acute lower back pain advised adhering to strict bed rest for several days. Today, the approach is different: the first day really need to lie down, but then the lack of movement is bad, as far as possible to get up. And yet — to perform exercises, which improves blood flow to the muscles of the back, it allows you to maintain a toned muscular corset.

Acute lower back pain: causes, prevention, and first aid

Perform the exercises should be lying on his back, with a small amplitude, without stress and sudden movements. Each — 8-10 times.

  • Bend the left leg at the knee. The right-hand bend and unbend the leg at the knee sliding heel on the bed. Change legs.
  • Starting position — the same thing. Now the right leg, not bending, you take the side. Do the same for the left foot.
  • Lying on your back, bend your knees, both legs, feet rest on the bed. Alternately allot knees apart.
  • Starting position — as in the previous exercise. If possible, pull your right leg bent to the stomach, and then — left.
  • Place a soft cushion under your feet or wide, not too soft pillow. Lying so, alternately lift your hands up, and then — to the head.
  • With the roller under your feet without bending the knees, lift the legs alternately as possible.
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