9 reasons to do Pilates

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An effective fitness program to improve the health of the whole organism is developed by Joseph Pilates in the early twenties. These exercises are designed to strengthen the body and build muscle mass. Pilates has some similarities with yoga and tai chi, which are based on the following principles: concentration, equilibrium, breath control and natural movement of the body. Pilates useful for people engaged in intellectual work and are unable to maintain an active lifestyle with great physical exertion.

Pilates: Dexterity and Stamina

Pilates strengthens the muscles, especially the muscles of the back and abdomen, which significantly reduces the risk of back pain. In addition, stronger ligament, resulting in improved endurance and agility.

Flexibility of joints

9 reasons to do Pilates

Regular practice of Pilates helps to improve joint flexibility and reduce the stagnation of fluid, improve mobility through natural movements of the body, thereby reducing the risk of injury in everyday life.

Spine Strengthening

Regular Pilates can improve posture, so you can reduce the intensity of pain in the lumbar and cervical spine. However, before the start of training should consult a doctor about the intensity of training and the degree of physical activity.

Fight against insomnia

Pilates can be combined with various breathing techniques that will help to relax muscles and help in the fight against insomnia. It is well known that in a relaxed state, one falls asleep faster and sleep longer.

Increased mobility

Mobility and portability human depends on many factors such as age and work. Pilates was designed to strengthen the body and increase endurance, besides regular classes help to improve coordination.

Stress and tension

One of the new trends in fitness is a combination of a special technique of breathing and basic exercises of Pilates. By combining two different techniques, you can cope with everyday stress and relieve tension. Thus, the rate comes not only physical but also psycho-emotional state.

Formation figures

9 reasons to do Pilates

Pilates anaerobic exercise program in which the strength, endurance, and mobility can be improved without increasing body weight and muscle. For this reason, long Pilates will help to find a thin waist and desired curves of the body.

Therapeutic effect

There are different programs for Pilate’s exercises. One variety is a therapeutic Pilates. This exercise program is best suited for patients with injuries during rehabilitation or people with a damaged spine or back. The therapeutic effect of Pilates also applies to patients with arthritis.

 Pregnancy and osteoporosis

Regular Pilates recommended for people of all ages, including pregnant women and patients with osteoporosis. Pilates strengthens the muscle strength and endurance in pregnant women and increases flexibility, which is necessary for the process of childbirth. In the case of disease osteoporosis, this technique can increase the density of the tissue that will have a positive impact.

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