6 simple means to preserve the clarity of mind to old age

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Today we are talking about how we can do clarity of mind in the old age. Increased life expectancy, which is observed in developed countries, there is a downside — a steady increase in the number of older people with dementia. A Welsh Government published the recommendations for the prevention of dementia.

For the first time medical advice on how to reduce the risk of dementia, it’s not published in scientific and popular publications, and in the form of an official document.

This document has recently announced the cabinet Wales, which indicates the importance that the Government of the administrative-territorial units of the UK attaches to the problem of dementia.

6 simple means to preserve the clarity of mind to old age

The idea of creating such a recommendation originated from the Ministry of Health employees Wales after a survey conducted by them showed that 60% of Welsh are confident in the hereditary nature of this disease. A significant number of respondents also reported that, in their opinion, to prevent the development of all forms of dementia cannot be.

Meanwhile, prevention and Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of age-related dementia are possible with the help of lifestyle changes.

The recommendations promulgated the Welsh Government, were called «ACT NOW» ( «Start to act now»), which is the English acronym of the first letters in the name of 6 the necessary changes in lifestyle.

These changes include clarity of mind:

  • Increase in the activity (both physical and social);
  • Regular examinations by a doctor;
  • Bringing novelty in their lives (new interests and hobbies);
  • To give up smoking;
  • Infrequent consumption of alcohol in moderation;
  • Control body weight.

«I want to emphasize that begin this program, consisting of 6 steps can be at any age,» — said Mark Drakeford, Health Minister for Wales, representing the compatriots «ACT NOW» project.

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