6 habit harmful to your health

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Living in a modern city life, people often are under stress. This condition is exacerbated travel by public transport or your own car, everyday activities at work, watching the news on TV, and so on. D. On this basis, there is a «chronic fatigue syndrome». It can occur in people of any age. There are various ways to maintain the body, about them and will be discussed in this article.

Often the condition of the person depends on the lifestyle and habits. We must try to get rid of the bad habits that affect the health of the organism.

1) The habit of skipping breakfast

Most people in the morning only drink coffee or tea, refusing breakfast. In the dream consumes the energy that the body gets per day. If you ignore breakfast, then over time the metabolism will be disturbed, and the weakness of will.

2) Snack fast food and sweets

Because of the neglect breakfast, people often make a habit of fast food snacks, chocolates, biscuits. Because of this, blood sugar begins to «ride», which leads to fatigue. If you need a snack, it can be made more useful products, such as yogurt, curds or yogurt, you can eat a sandwich of corn bread with boiled pork or chop and greens.

3) Insufficient fluid intake

During the summer especially important to consume enough water. The heat helps to slow down the metabolic processes in the human body. On the day you need to drink about 2 liters of water.

4) Habit of eating before bedtime

Sometimes, what to eat on the job as it should not work due to lack of time. The organism feels shortage of energy and the appetite is enhanced by several times. It turns out that before going to bed a person eats a huge portion for dinner. Because of this, there is a strong burden on the body, causing problems begin with a dream, and in the morning will be the feeling of lack of sleep.

5) Use of the TV, computer, tablet, smartphone before bedtime

Monitor all of these devices emit light, is opposed to the development of the hormone melatonin, which affects sleep and wakefulness. Recommended hour before bedtime not to use these devices.

6) The habit of a lot of work

Of course, this is not the worst human habit, but still not worth it to work, forgetting and neglecting the weekend holidays, otherwise you can cause serious injury. It is better to learn how to combine work and leisure, it helps to avoid exhaustion and distraction from everyday worries.

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