6 causes sharp pain in stomach after eating

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In one of the articles, we have begun to talk about the reasons that lead to . We reviewed irritable stomach. In this article we will look at other diseases that lead to sharp pain in the stomach after eating.

1. Stomach ulcer

Gastric ulcer is very common. It leads to sharp pain in the stomach after eating and brings a lot of discomfort to the patient. As a rule, the ulcer of the gastric mucosa is localized in the upper part of the stomach. In such cases painful sensations arise about the first thirty to forty minutes after a meal. Initially mild pain, but as the digestion of food, they are amplified, and eventually the pain becomes unbearable. This is due to the fact that hydrochloric acid is strongly generated in the stomach. As the digestion of food and getting it into the duodenum, reduced pain, and then completely disappear until the next meal.

The sharp pain in stomach after eating may be of different nature: a sharp, aching, pulling or cramping.

Ulcerative gastrointestinal disease causes a very specific sharp pain in stomach after eating. Gastric ulcer pain can occur in the middle or on the left side of the abdomen. If the plague struck the gastric mucosa, the pain will appear on the right side of the abdomen. In severe cases, the pain may even give back.

2. Gastroduodenit

This disease in its symptoms similar to IBS stomach. But in this case there is no irritation of the gastric mucosa, and its strong inflammation. Besides suffering from the gastric mucosa and duodenal ulcers. This disease brings a lot of discomfort to the patient and his treatment is very long. Gastroduodenit may worsen for a few months, and then subside.

In this disease the sharp pain in stomach after eating is very strong.

The pain is usually localized in the pancreas and the area around the navel. Almost always there is pain in the first half hour after a meal. Sometimes, in addition to sharp pain in stomach after eating, bloating, and appears in the upper abdomen and heaviness in the stomach. Often patients complain of belching, which has a sour taste.

3. Pilorospazm

This condition is characterized by spasms of the pylorus which is located at the exit from the stomach into the duodenum. Most often this disease affects people who have a lot of nervous or CNS disorders.

In this disease, about fifteen minutes after eating a person feels severe sharp pain in stomach after eating in the epigastric region. Half an hour later there is vomiting. These symptoms, pain, and vomiting, will last as long as the stomach is completely free. Such attacks occur in the patient almost after every meal.

When these symptoms should immediately go to the hospital. The food in this disease is very poorly absorbed and as a result people will notice that the weight decreases rapidly. If time does not provide professional medical care, the patient’s body is exhausted and dehydrated. This may result in a violation of other body systems.

6 causes sharp pain in stomach after eating

4. Inflammation of the gallbladder

Not only disorders in the gastrointestinal tract may provoke sharp pain in stomach after eating. Various inflammatory processes in the gallbladder or biliary tract, for example, or angiocholitis cholecystitis can lead to pains in the stomach. In addition to sharp pain in stomach after eating can cause a variety of dyskinesia of the gallbladder. As a rule, these diseases are localized pain in hypochondria.

Most often, the emergence of such symptoms appear after eating certain foods. These products include: ice cream, chocolate, milkshakes, halva, fatty and salty foods. Therefore, in diseases of the bile ducts and gall bladder is necessary to observe a strict diet. To diagnose the disease the patient should consult a doctor or therapist gastroenterologist.

5. Pancreatitis

Pancreatitis — a disease that is characterized by inflammation of the pancreas. The main symptoms of the disease — severe sharp pain in stomach after eating that appears after every meal. Pain may occur in different places: in the right upper quadrant, and in severe cases, when struck by the entire area of ​​the pancreas, the sharp pain in stomach after eating may be of the nature of shingles.

If pancreatitis is impossible to self-medicate, as the consequences can be unpredictable, until the development of shock and even until death of the patient. Therefore, the appearance of the first symptoms of pancreatitis should consult a doctor.

6. Irritable Bowel Syndrome

About syndrome irritable stomach already described in the first part. But it is impossible not to mention irritable bowel syndrome. This syndrome develops under the influence of various factors that lead to irritation of the intestinal mucosa.

This disease is characterized by the appearance of sharp pain in stomach after eating about an hour and a half after eating. In addition, the patient may complain of bloating, the violation of a chair, flatulence. As a rule, all the pain disappear immediately after defecation.

It should be understood that the sharp pain in stomach after eating can be dangerous. It can be caused by various factors: improper diet, serious illnesses and so on. Pharmacological drugs can you get rid of sharp pain in stomach after eating, heartburn, bloating, flatulence only for a while. But you can not fully engage in self. You should always seek professional medical help. Only a doctor can establish the correct diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

To avoid the risk of sharp pain in stomach after eating, it is recommended carefully monitor their diet. You can not just eat a lot of food. Eating should be a fraction of the time and you need to eat a little. Also, carefully read the instructions for antipyretic and analgesic drugs. They are sometimes the cause of sharp pain in stomach after eating.

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