TOP 5 Best Natural Sweetener

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Neutral refined sugar — one of the most harmful products. It gives a lot of calories, and thus any benefit. Its consumption is limited to all who care about their figure and health. After all, it causes a sharp jump in blood sugar levels and promotes the development of a number of diseases, ranging from diabetes and ending cancer.

Therefore, if you — a real sweet tooth, it’s time to think about replacing the harmful sugar and products made with it a much more useful sweetness. It is a natural sweetener.

Natural Sweetener: Honey

Natural honey — a storehouse of nutrients: it contains many vitamins, minerals and amino acids, it is extremely beneficial to health. Honey is a natural antibiotic, anti-inflammatory and antiviral agent. Also, the famous bee product perfectly enhances immunity.

And besides, natural honey is much sweeter than sugar, so it is necessary to take into account when replacing and putting it less. Very tasty, and coffee and tea with honey, as well as porridge and any desserts that do not require heat treatment. After all, when heated honey loses its beneficial properties.

TOP 5 Best Natural Sweetener

Natural Sweetener: Agave syrup

This syrup is made from the juice of the agave cactus. It is recommended for diabetics, as a natural sweetener. Agave syrup contains a lot of calcium and iron. In appearance it is very similar to honey, agave syrup only sweeter.

Agave syrup does not lose its properties during heat treatment, so it is well suited for hot drinks and baking.

Natural Sweetener: Dried fruit

Raisins, dried apricots, prunes, dates, etc. — Various kinds of dried fruits can perfectly replace sugar. That’s just not necessary to abuse them, because dried fruit is very high in calories.

Dried fruits can be added to various food — porridge, smoothies, as well as prepare them to granola house, candy, cookies, halva and other desserts.

Natural Sweetener: Stevia

Stevia extract is the sweetest sweetener. The herb Stevia 10 times sweeter than sugar, and its extract — in as much as 200 times! Stevia tastes sugary and slightly bitter, drink it must be quite a bit — pinch or teaspoon.

An added bonus — extract of stevia does not lose its properties when heated, so it can be safely used for desserts and baking.

Natural Sweetener: Jerusalem artichoke

Jerusalem artichoke syrup is prepared from the root of this vegetable, which is famous for the fact that it does not accumulate in itself nitrates and other harmful substances, unlike other root crops. Another important advantage of the Jerusalem artichoke syrup — it has the lowest glycemic index of all natural sweeteners. That is why it is recommended to use for diabetics.

There are natural phytocomplex that effectively improve metabolism, reduce appetite, cleanse the body, deduce from it slag, toxins and other harmful substances, normalize lipid and carbohydrate metabolism and promote rapid weight loss. These include Tropicana slim Green Slimming Coffee and Diet MCC.

It is worth noting that on a regular basis will help to control your weight scales health.

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